About Us

Fleurantalya A.S. was born in 2003 as a joint venture company between Fleuronova GmbH and Antalya Tarım A.S. situated in Antalya,in Turkey where has a favourable climate of Mediterranean.We have been producing and exporting unrroted and rooted cuttings of perennials,herbs,pelargonium,bedding plants and grasses in 4 hectar of high level hygenic greenhouse. Besides an extensive,long term experience of founders in this field of business,Fleurantalya A.S. understand importance of cultivating longterm relations with its customers abroad.The purpose of Fleurantalya A.S. is to maintain direct client contact and have a large reserve of cuttings on hand that meet customer's special requirements.

Quality Products And Quick Delivery

  • We put the cuttings in plastic bags.
  • Quantity is 100 unrooted cuttings in per bag +5%.
  • The plasric bags are packed in carton boxes.
  • Minimum quantity per order is 10.000 subject to destination.
  • We can pack the cuttings according to customer's demands like in styrofoam containers.

The farm is 5 kms far from Antalya International Airport which is an advantage for quick shipment to the customers. We have many flight possibilities for major destinations such as Frankfurt,Dusseldorf,London,Amsterdam,Paris.We can ship the orders according to customer request and make sure that it includes necessary documents.
The mother stocks production starts with the Elite and tissue culture material out of the laboratory. We grow the mother stocks in high technical greenhouses with heating systems, hygienic installations, cooling system and insect free. You can inform on the pictures. The production is under the control in fertilizing, chemical in modern grower programs and continuously checked by special laboratory for virus, bacterium and disease.

          The Shipment

  • We keep the cuttings in special cooling programs after harvesting.
  • We put 105 cuttings for each packet and send these in special boxes.
  • On other detail is, we use labels on each packet for special information. We write variety name, date and time, greenhouse number, tunnel and table number, harvested by and controlled by the technician on the label.
  • The Antalya Airport is 5 minutes away from our farm.

    For The Local Market:
We grow young plants from all this varieties in different trays. For example: 28, 72,104,144 and 288 trays.  The rooting area operates in a very high technical, insect free, hygienic and cooling system.